Red Roses Ion On Shoe Decal

$14.99 $20.99

Get the easy to use Red Roses iron patches to customize your own Air Force 1, Vans or other shoes

Easy use to DIY and it makes perfect gift.

Why use these stickers:

#1 - Perfect sizes for sneakers and other items, such as socks, hoodies, jeans, jackets....

#2. Waterproof and flexible, when iron on, proved sturdy after washing test and brushing test. You can check the video.

#3 - Easy to use! Just iron on directly and that's it. It will not peel off even if you brush your shoes in water! 


The set includes 4 snake stickers.

The shoes are not included in the set.



Width 5.7 cm, 2.24 inches;  
Height: 5.6 cm, 2.2 inches



This is an Iron on patch. Not embroidered. You do not need any transfer paper. You only need to iron straight on top.

You can also use this on, hats, sweaters, shirts, anything with cloth.

Note: it's better to use a mini iron on sneaker (or other uneven surface) and please keep the temperature between 130-150 ℃.lly.